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Our overall strategy for the coming years is to grow within our core business.

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Information about how you delete cookies or change the settings for cookies is found in your web browser instructions. If you choose to not allow our usage of cookies, you cannot use this website. Please immediately close your web browser and delete your cookies. Alfa Laval might update this policy without prior notice. These were sold to the financial institutions as follows: Rs 6 per shares during Aug.

This plant was commissioned in January. Rs 30 per share; prop. In addition, new model of centrifugal separators were developed. Alfa Laval Financial Services Ltd. Latest products developed and introduced include brew-house equipment and the latest versions of sophisticated centrifugal separators and plate heat exchangers for various new industrial applications.

Tetra Pak India Ltd is also an associate company. This was in view of the fact that Tetra Pak and Alfa Laval were united into a joint organisation viz. The remaining 5 percent of the company was controlled by four individual members of the new board. Lamm was chairman of the board and managing director. Reall of New York. He was not an engineer, nor did he own a workshop, but edited and published the Agriculture Review and the Journal of the American Agricultural Association.

The Swedish separators were manufactured by P. Sharples of Westchester, New York. At the same time, Gustaf de Laval constructed a turbine engine that could be used as a power source for the separator. A very important acquisition was the Alfa patent, bought in from a German, Clemens von Bechtolsheim.

When ABS began to find it hard to sell power-driven separators, it fitted them out with a new energy source--the turbine. At the same time, ABS launched its manual cream separators in the hope of reaching new groups of customers. Fourteen years were to pass before another Swedish company established itself in the Swedish and overseas markets.

A new wave of patent registrations took place in the international market in the following decade, but these new entrants to the market produced manual cream separators. In the mids, ABS diversified further by constructing industrial separators. The principle of centrifugal force was thus applied to a higher level of technology.

At the same time, ABS diversified into technically simpler manual cream separators. Lower prices for these products ensured them a far wider market than that for power-driven separators. By , there were 35 plants worldwide manufacturing separators. Newcomers gained entry to the market by producing manual cream separators, which were not only less resource-intensive but also had a far larger market than the power-driven variety.

After , there came a wave of new companies worldwide that exploited the expired Alfa patent. With only a few exceptions, entry to the market for the new companies was secured via manual cream separators. By , ABS was competing with 50 companies in the German market. By , there were firms operating in the international market, 70 of them in Germany and 16 in Sweden.

These were mostly companies that had moved into separators after establishing themselves in other branches of engineering production. The next competitor to be bought by ABS was one of the most important dairy machine plants in Germany and one of the largest in Europe in the early s, the Bergedorfer Eisenwerk.

As in the case of Svenska Centrifug, the financial position of the enterprise was too weak for the owner Carl Bergner to demand better sales terms let alone fight a takeover bid. This firm, at the time equal in reputation to ABS, and financed with capital from its U. During the period to , when ABS began to take over competitors, it had at its disposal sufficient capital to act without endangering its own liquidity.

During the 25 years between the foundation of its first overseas subsidiary in the United States in and the takeover of Bergedorfer Eisenwerk in , more than SEK million had flowed into the coffers of the parent company in Stockholm. The profits of the U. Production and organization techniques were also transferred from the U. In this way, ABS secured advantages of scale in the international separator market.

Already in , the U. This factory was highly profitable. In , Francis Arend became managing director of Lavalco. The company had branches in Philadelphia and Chicago, as well as a subsidiary in San Francisco. A branch office opened in Canada in and became a subsidiary in under the name of the De Laval Dairy Supply Company. He died five years later at the age of In , new subsidiaries were formed in Milan and Riga.

This was raised to a majority interest in , when the name was changed to Sociedad Alfa-Laval. In , it became a wholly owned ABS company. These two acquisitions were the most important mergers within the Swedish separator industry. In , Jacob Wallenberg of the Swedish banking house Stockholms Enskilda Bank was elected to the board of directors. The German subsidiary Bergedorfer Eisenwerk also operated at a loss until the end of In , the Alfa-Laval Company U.

A new subsidiary was formed in Melbourne in , and the last important Swedish competitor, Eskilstuna Separator, was acquired in During the war, Lavalco increased the number of personnel from to 2,, and the U. In , Francis Arend, managing director of Lavalco, died and was succeeded by Ralph Stoddard, who three years later was succeeded by his son, George. In , Alfa-Laval Company at Brentford began producing industrial separators and milking machines, and increased its sales by 70 percent.

In the United States, Lavalco was given the task of constructing an oil separator for the U. Orders started pouring in from marine authorities, shipowners, and shipyards. Alfa-Laval Company became the European development center for these industrial separators. The research-and-development activities were transferred to Stockholm and several engineers were sent away on study visits--to rubber plantations in Southeast Asia, to olive groves in Italy, and aboard whalers in the South Atlantic.

Thousands of owners of olive groves and vineyards in Italy and France exchanged their ancient equipment for separators. By , there were hundreds of applications for separators within industry and scientific research. During the s, the cellulose industry became the major customer group for plate heat exchangers, or PHEs, which were used in the pasteurizing process and for yeast manufacture.

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he asked whether it was true that the subsidiary protection procedure currently . integrate all the subsidiary bodies of the Commission. Благодаря сайту Вы найдете данные по любым облигациям. Купить список компаний · Alfa Laval Nordic AB. Tumba, Швеция · NAF AB Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Sweden AB (Trading Subsidiary Sweden).

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